Saturday, September 8, 2007

Driving and Dreaming

This past Labor Day, I visited my brother's family at their house in a small rural Georgia town. We had a great time. Nancy and I loved the drive out through the Georgia countryside. We’ve come to enjoy and appreciate Florida in the past years, but the land here is very flat. I first drove into Florida about 17 years ago, down I-95. Of course, one tree lined Interstate looks like another. So, I wasn’t prepared when we broke out of the trees and drove onto the 3.2 mile long Buckman Bridge that passes over the Saint Johns River in south Jacksonville. It was spectacular. I remember my eyes actually feeling a little funny because they weren’t used to looking that far in the distance. How odd. The Florida coast is especially beautiful, and I love the coastal marshes and rivers. But let’s admit it, the rest of the state could benefit from some hills.

That’s why the trip up to Georgia was so pleasant, with that State’s rolling green fields, bright red clay soil, dark pine forest and picturesque homesteads. You never knew what vista would surprise you around the next bend in the road. (The picture above was not one from there, but it looks a lot like it...)

Of course, this started many conversations in the car about homesteading. We began wondering if a move up to Georgia might be in our future once we sell the house. We’re not restricted to living in Florida. We did rule out an extreme move to somewhere like remote Montana, but we do have other options available, and they all have their pro’s and con’s. We’re already settled in Florida. It has a year round growing season. Georgia, on the other hand is more hilly and green in my opinion. Florida goes tired and dull real quick in the year. Or maybe it just seems that way because fall never arrives; summer just goes on and on and on. Yeah, we get tomatoes in December, but then again the bugs never freeze. See? Pros and cons.

I guess in the long run, it doesn’t really make that much difference. I think we could be happy no matter where we land, so long as our family is safe and intact, and I get some chickens and square foot gardens.

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